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We managed to make $2,528,83 from just 1 store by promoting Banggood™ products and autopilot Facebook™ viral FREE traffic in only 29 days.

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Your own powerful system that puts everything on Banggood on YOUR site, with your affiliate link, in YOUR just 3 simple steps !

This new SaaS Studio Software utilizes an advanced viral posting system technology to build more friendly affiliate e-stores with social media networks in just a few clicks, without any stock or delivery…

Ok, now you need to read carefully because THIS goes to all current or future affiliate marketers.

You need to know that a big majority of marketers turn to the more profitable affiliate marketing programs with stores like Banggood™, Amazon™, and many others because of the following reasons:

  • they don`t have a list of their own
  • they don`t know how to get started
  • they don`t know how to set up the site
  • they don`t have the necessary knowledge
  • they need to pay a professional designer
  • they don`t have money and time
  • they have to waste hours to manually add products
  • they don`t know how to manage the sites…

All of these reasons add up for building a funnel that might not work properly.

So that`s why we created this brand new affiliate marketing platform and simplified everything for your benefit, allowing you to own a long term sustainable business.

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How can you own a long term, ultra-fast-developed business with ViralStore and Banggood Affiliate Program ?

Banggood was founded in 2004 and its headquarters is located in London, UK. Banggood has had $15M in revenue in 2017 alone, with only 125 employees.

Although, this can`t be compared with a giant like Amazon, which sold over $87 billion worth of goods in 2017 alone, with almost $3,5 billion in affiliate commissions. But with commission rates between 4%-12%, on Banggood™ you can still make pretty big annual commissions.

Here are just some of the few top affiliates on the site's anniversary, in 2017:

Okay, now with figures like these which constantly grow month after month, year after year, there are more internet millionaires from selling affiliate products than all other niches combined.

All you need to do is join the ViralStore and Banggood™ FREE Affiliate program !

When it was founded in 2004, Banggood™ was specialized in computer software research and development.

It shifted its business to international e-commerce services, and since then it has become an online retailer selling almost everything you may need or think of.

The whole Banggood™ team is committed to providing customers with low-price and high-quality products as well as professional customer service.

Banggood's motto is “Best bang for your buck”, and we follow it by ensuring that our products have exclusive deals and special promotions only for you.

So, now you may ask yourself:

'How do you handle staying on top of all Banggood™ stores, when it's mostly a whirlpool of confusing choices, time consuming updates and so on?'

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Here are 6 most common problems which are destroying the ability to profit massively from Banggood™…

And how ViralStore tackles them and offers 6 solutions to FIX your affiliate selling process, Faster and Easier than ever…

Problem 1 - Imported Products Disconnection

One of the most frequent problems is that other store builders force you to import products to your store and leave them there, disconnected from what is happening on the actual mother-store. It`s a close to impossible task to run daily time-consuming updates of a huge array of products so that all of your potential clients don`t have to miss any special deals or offers.

Solution 1: Automatic, 24/7 Dynamic Updating

We`ve sorted this out so that you`ll never need to carry out frustrating, time consuming updates and always have the newest products with the newest prices, deals and discounts.

Problem 2 - Geographical Branches

Most of the older store builders out there force you to choose between one of several countries and their products. For example, if you have to choose Europe, then you could only tap and have sales over this area only, automatically losing millions of potential customers in other countries.

Solution 2 – Worldwide Range of Products: Product Shipment on ALL CONTINENTS

ViralStore allows you to quickly setup your store with products that can be delivered on fast forward on ALL continents – USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia – without any charge.

Problem 3 – Old Style and Boring Landing Pages

Older store-builders fail to WOW visitors by showing them what they're looking for.

A clear landing page will always win, because generally speaking, the customer's attention span is pretty short.

Solution 3: Clean and Captivating Landing Pages

ViralStore comes with 3 beautifully designed styles of landing pages. That’s why our attention grabbing, professional landing pages show EXACTLY what the customer is looking for, booking more sales, unlike the old, boring, same style sales pages showing only 10-15 products.

Problem 4 - Mobile Device Non-Responsiveness

A huge amount of online traffic comes from mobile devices and a lot of online stores which are not mobile friendly are simply ignoring this and throwing opportunities and money down the drain.

Solution 4: Optimized for ANY platform or device

Our platform is optimized for a highly trusted online business like Banggood™. We have made sure that you enjoy access and gain control of your store in a practical and friendly manner with simple and powerful mobile responsive designs to assure the store looks good and easy to use on any platform and device.

Problem 5- Lack of Technical Skills

Older store builders are using technically frustrating content builders, which tend to annoy even the most talented computer users.

Solution 5: Fast Store Configuration

CSV import, Bulk Import, SKU, verification and Synchronization – these were just some of the technical skills you had to bump your head into. Not anymore, because we've fixed everything for your benefit and setting up doesn't take more than a minute, regardless of experience.

Problem 6 - Absence of Traffic

Mainly, this requires a lot of money to invest for gaining traffic from ads, not to mention the research required for this to happen. Gaining traffic is vital for any business, because traffic = money, and not having any traffic can be destructive factor both on the short and long run.

Solution 6: Social Media Viral Free Traffic

Until now, generating FREE viral traffic was a hard milestone to achieve.

But fortunately, not anymore, because in this case, the Viral Store's Social Share System enables you to share your store posts on 5 viral social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr).


With Viral Store You Get A 100% Complete Solution for BIG Affiliate PROBLEMS, That Lets You Cash In a Daily Commission By Simply posting 2 times a day.


  • FREE Hosting
  • FREE Sub-domain
  • Share System
  • Commission from 4% up to 12%
  • Tracking System
  • 9 store types
  • Pre-made templates
  • Friendly dashboard
  • Without any stock
  • No experience needed
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This is the BEST Long-Term Business Model : Newbie-Friendly, Completely Scalable, Very easy to follow,Start Today, Earnings in 24h.

The Easiest and Quickest Way to Make...

This platform is very easy to use and creates any type of affiliate store you want in seconds!

Check out these Astonishing BENEFITS !

Build Store with Added Products

You can build your store in just 4 easy steps. You can choose from 9 types of stores. All stores come with all products added.

FREE Hosting & Domain

There's no need for your own domain or host for Viral Store because it comes with FREE hosting and free sub-domain included.

No Products Stocks & Delivery

You don't need any initial stock(all products are in Banggood Warehouse), or send any products to customers or to offer support for returned products (you just lose your commission).

Comission & Affiliate Types

Commission rate from 4% up tp 12%. 3 Type Of Affiliate Status (Standard , Premium, VIP). 15 Days Cookie Affiliate Code.

Customer Engagement

Email Subscribers System Included. You can export e-mail lists in ".csv" files, from subscribers who opt-in their e-mail in your store's newsletter for promotions, deals or discounts.

FREE Traffic Sources

Social Share system for viral organic traffic: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr .

Easily manageable – Check statistics system

Google Analitycs. Access to all tracked clicks. Our platform counts all your store page views.

Create Multiple Stores

You can easily create and manage separate stores – all from the same account and can have access to stores across the world.

Tap into ALL Banggood™ available products (OVER 150,000), deals & discounts with responsive, beautifully designed landing pages and choose to sell articles from a various range of categories assembled on your site, with your affiliate link.

Click Here To Start Your Viral Affiliate Store In The Next 60s !

ViralStore automatically works on social media using our highly converting system that gets you thousands of visitors to hit your store in minutes !

With Viral Store you can BUILD A COMPLETE BANGGOOD STORE NETWORK in a minute and allows selecting products from various categories such as:

  • Computer & Networking

  • Bags & Shoes

  • Clothing and Apparel

  • Jewelry & Watches

  • Electronics

  • Sports & Outdoor

  • Auto & Motorcycles

  • Health & Beauty

THIS Is Why YOU Need To Have Viral Store Right Now !

E-Commerce is Growing by The Day.

Carve out your own corner in the e-commerce world by working smart, as an affiliate store for physical products. Viral Store opens up this BIG Industry to everyone regardless of experience, time and money. It's simple because you give your customers choices.... don't miss this huge opportunity.

Fast-Track Setup on Products You Don't Own!

Viral Store will have your site setup (with no technical knowledge) within minutes. So you can start selling products you don't even own within the hour! Products, Listings, Images, Dynamic Pricing... The whole thing happens with a couple of clicks. So there is nothing to do manually, because Viral Store does the whole thing for you.

Focus on Selling, Not Building

Viral Store builds itself from existing affiliate store / retail platform content, listings, images and reviews. Quickly auto-populate an entire 'Targeted' store with new products complete with prices and content, so you can start to sell right away, versus spending time developing your online store.

You Get To Make More

Get paid each and every time the physical products on your site are sold, without having to worry about order fulfilment, shipping, or holding any inventory. If your customer decides to buy something else from one of the partner retailers... you'll get paid a commission for that sale too.

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Now you can create almost any kind of affiliate stores in under one minute with ViralStore!

SO, Does Viral Store Work ?


"I Made $115 in first 24 hours"

"Just when I thought I couldn’t profit in the affiliate market, I received a mail about this new software. Viral Store changed the way I was thinking, by helping me earn over $1650 in commissions the last 3 weeks, since when I discovered it and started using it. From the moment I set it up, took me less than 24h to bank in my first commission which was around $115 if I remember well.Thanks Guys !"

"I Made $250 in a Single Week with Viral Store"

"In a week, with a few shares on Facebook groups, Viral Store made me earn $250, easy like I haven't thought it could be possible. You just configure it and work with for about 10 or 20 minutes, and then cash in."

"I Made $100 in first 2 days"

"When I first got Viral Store, I`ve built my own online store and in just 2 days i made my first $100. This is great, I recommend it because is really simple to use it."

"This is amazing and I love it"

"I can't believe that with Viral Store, everybody can make commissions, without having to deal with any of the shipment process and all of that. This is amazing and I love it."

"I Made $127.41/Day With just a FEW SHARES"

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We believe that our customers are our #1 priority and any products you purchase from us should work the first time – every time.

If within 30 days of purchase you experience any issue or problem with your purchase, you simply issue us a support email and grant us 2-5 bussiness days to remedy the problem.

If we cannot deliver back to you (within that timeframe) a working account and resolve your account issue we will refund all your money back. Under all other circumstances refunds WILL NOT be granted.

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ViralStore 2 Stores